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About Us
The Star Poker Room is on the Main Gaming Floor of The Star Casino situated near the Rock Lily Bar. The Poker room is finished in modern décor including seating designed specifically to make the poker players stay at the table one of utmost comfort.
Sport lovers are also catered for with state of the art plasma TV’s to ensure you don’t miss one minute of all the live sports action while you play. A TAB Kiosk is also adjoining the Rock Lily Bar, conveniently located for those who like a flutter.
Your taste buds certainly won’t be neglected either with an array refreshing beverages provided to the tables by the friendly wait staff. If your tummy is demanding something substantial, stop in for a quick snack or fill up on hearty pub classics at Food Quarter near the Rock Lily Bar. Star Poker also offers a 45 minute dinner break for all players to recharge the batteries. Once you have finished your dinner break, you will go to the top of the waiting list on the game and limit you were playing previously.
Star Poker has 22 poker tables and is operational 24/7 (that’s right, the poker room never sleeps). We offer a great variety of games to meet all customer needs. However, as is common throughout all poker rooms around the world, the game quite often referred to as the “Cadillac” of poker, No Limit Holdem, is the one most popular amongst the Sydney poker enthusiasts.
Please find below some of the buy-ins and structures for cash games offered at the Star Poker Room:

$80-$200 No Limit Holdem

Buy-in:   $80 min $200 max (or any amount between $80 and $200)

Blinds:   $1/$2
The $80-$200 NLH is without doubt the most popular game at Star Poker, always loads of fun and laughs to be had on these tables. A mix of serious and not so serious players found on these tables. A great way for first time players to gain valuable experience on the felt.
 $200-$300 No Limit Holdem

Buy-in:   $200 min $300 max (or any amount between $200 and $300)

Blinds:   $3/$3
The $200-$300 NLH is those looking to step up from the $80-$200 without sitting with the sharks. The same commission is taken as the $80-$200 but with more money on the table and bigger pots. Low stakes but big action can be found on these tables.

$300-$700 No Limit Holdem

Buy-in:   $300 min $700 max (or any amount between $300 and $700)
 Blinds:   $5/$5
 The $300-$700 NLH is the second most played game at Star Poker. The obvious next step for when you feel that you have “mastered” the $200-$300.
 $1000-$3000 No Limit Holdem

Buy-in:   $1000 min $3000 max (or any amount between $1000 and $3000)

  Blinds:   $5/$10/$20
 You’re playing with the “big boys” now. Plenty of heart pumping action to be found on these tables. With a $25 time charge, this is one of the best value tables around.
 $1/$2 Pot Limit Omaha
 Buy-in:   $200 min $1,000 max (or any amount between $200 and $1,000)
 Blinds:   $1/$2
Feeling a bit stale with Holdem? This could be your medicine. Experience the excitement that is PLO. Plenty of fun to be had here, the dynamics of the game change every “street”.  With $1/$2 blinds, this is also an affordable option for those looking to “hone” their Omaha skills.
$5/$5 Pot Limit Omaha
 Buy-in:   $500 min 1500 max

Blinds:   $5/$5

 Hang on tight; you could be in for a “rollercoaster” like ride here. Great action and pot sizes are the order of the day. A great spectacle, but even greater to be a part of.
Whilst the above mentioned games are our most popular, they are NOT the only games we run. If you have the desire to play higher limits or different poker variables, please let us know. You can do this by talking to the friendly Poker Manager on duty. Look forward to seeing you on the felt in the near future.
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